Google Chrome Has New Easy Button For Passwords

Google Chrome Password Easy ButtonGoogle Chrome Hands Out Passwords Like Candy

At this current minute the Google Chrome browser could be putting millions of it’s users at risk.  A software developer has discovered a critical flaw that allows anyone to easily see all of the stored passwords on your computer.

How is this complex critical flaw exploited?  Well, actually all you need to do is type into the browser url: chrome://settings/passwords and without any type of security you can see any saved passwords from email, twitter even your online banking.

When Google was asked about this ‘exploit’ they claim it is not in error.  They have no plans on changing anything and do not plan on implementing any master password or other type of security and say the browser is acting just as it should.

Kember says;

In a world where Google promotes its browser on YouTube, in cinema pre-rolls, and on billboards, the clear audience is not developers. It’s the mass market – the users. The overwhelming majority. They don’t know it works like this. They don’t expect it to be it’s this easy to see their passwords. Every day, millions of normal, every-day users are saving their passwords in Chrome. This is not okay,

Other popular browsers like Firefox and Internet explorer had similar problems but they were addressed in updates and changes were made.

My thoughts on this?  I am just going to wait and see how the security world deals with this, the exploits they make that emails usernames and passwords to anonymous emails and scrapes the data with JavaScript and CSS attacks before Google finally admits this is a serious security flaw and finally does something about it.  But then again, I don’t work for Google so a penny for my thoughts?

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