Code School Free for 3 Months Just For Trying New Relic

Free Code School!

If you are like me then you love learning, taking online classes or watching videos, both is the best.  Well as many of you probably know about many different sites that let you take free classes so that you want to pay for their more advanced courses.  Code School – is one of the better ones I like learning on, my profile isn’t very full as you can see: but that is mainly because that was one of my first online places and I have since moved to using MIT and edux.  Code School, sorry I am getting distracted.

Code School

So I got an email this morning telling me that if I want to sign up for New Relic and set it up then they would give me a free 3 months of code school, and who doesn’t like free school?

I thought Code School was Free?

Well, yeah and no, cod school offers a variety of free classes all of which are awesome but they also have more im depth and advanced pay classes, and if you can get 3 free months of classes just for giving New Relic a try, then I really suggest you give it a try.  I was actually just going to sign up since I got another server I am running over at my hosting company and I needed to setup a LAMP Stack through New Relic anyway.  Then I saw at the bottom of the page that I should tweet this offer and my brain started thinking.  If

  • New Relic = Awesome
  • Code School = Awesome

Getting free code school from New Relic must be awesome squared!

New RelicCode School, New Relic & Twitter Links

Code SchoolNew Relic – and the tweet they wanted me to retweet is: Time to level up! New Relic is giving away 3 free months of Code School classes just for deploying. Check it out!

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