Adobe Flash Shows Peepers Your Usernames & Passwords

Adobe Flash Bangs Users with Yet Another Serious Exploit

Adobe Flash Peeping TomAdobe flash has just released a new critical update to it’s player stating that because of an exploit hackers are able to obtain usernames and passwords to all your favorite gaming sites.   They “urge” you to download the latest update so that a new exploit can be found but temporary relief from this one can be laid to rest.

Not that adobe flash has a bad rap, but these comments sum it up pretty well;

“Adobe does seem to have an unfortunate history of people finding security flaws with Flash that require updates,” independent security consultant Alan Woodward told the BBC.

“What Adobe seem to have done in this case is put out a warning, but it has not given as much information as other firms would normally do when issuing such a security advisory.”

“That might be them trying to avoid giving the hackers too much information whilst still telling people there is a problem.”

Let this be a public service announcement to all your teenagers chatting on facebook and mothers tending to their fake farms instead of their families, get off the computer and do something creative because anything that comes easy goes easy, and sorry but you do not have my sympathy.

Adobe Flash – Wrap it, or don’t use it.

I do however since I am a security analyst suggest you head over to adobe’s website and download the patch, otherwise you are going to be robbed of all you gold coins and any sort of status symbol that may have come with them.  Oh and lets all thank kaspkersy labs for helping find this exploit, if not for them, then surely some someone else would have but possibly hours later.

I would suggest if you are going to be going to suspect sites, look in to some software called sandboxie, otherwise just stay away from applications that are accessible through the browser that are also installed on your hard drive and have user / system access.  This is your grandma’s word processor world anymore…

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