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Introducing FaxxBochs ®, the worlds only reliable analog-to-analog fax over IP solution!  While e-fax has become extremely popular over the past few years, it does NOT address several fundamental flaws:

  • E-fax is NOT secure, period.  Emailing sensitive documents to an e-fax provider traverses the public internet, increasing the likelihood of interception.
  • Digital signatures are cumbersome and impractical.
  • User training becomes extremely complex in larger organizations.

How does FaxxBochs Address These Issues

All fax transmission is encrypted via 256-bit AES encryption between the FaxxBochs CPE and the FaxxBochs Datacenter. Continue to use your standard fax machine, no special equipment required.
Nothing changes for the user, they simply continue to use the fax machine as they always have full archival of all inbound and outbound faxes available. Fax-to-Email available for inbound faxes as well as a web-based interface to view and manage all inbound and outbound faxes all for one low, monthly rate includes unlimited inbound and outbound faxing – NO LONG DISTANCE FEES.

Absolutely no configuration required, no port forwarding, no public IPs. FaxxBochs is truly plug and play.

How does FaxxBochs Work

Each FaxxBochs appliance supports up to 4 fax machines, depending on the requested configuration. Each fax machine is assigned either a toll-free number or local number (we can also port numbers if required). Simply plug the FaxxBochs appliance into the desired fax machine and provide internet and power. That’s it!

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