Adobe Flash Shows Peepers Your Usernames & Passwords

Adobe Flash Bangs Users with Yet Another Serious Exploit Adobe flash has just released a new critical update to it’s player stating that because of an exploit hackers are able to obtain usernames and passwords to all your favorite gaming sites.   They “urge” you to download the latest update so that a new exploit can […]

Code School Free for 3 Months Just For Trying New Relic

Free Code School! If you are like me then you love learning, taking online classes or watching videos, both is the best.  Well as many of you probably know about many different sites that let you take free classes so that you want to pay for their more advanced courses.  Code School – is […]

Google Chrome Has New Easy Button For Passwords

Google Chrome Hands Out Passwords Like Candy At this current minute the Google Chrome browser could be putting millions of it’s users at risk.  A software developer has discovered a critical flaw that allows anyone to easily see all of the stored passwords on your computer. How is this complex critical flaw exploited?  Well, actually […]

SEO Services: Do owners of small business’s really need it

Small Business and SEO In the twenty first century, everything we do seems to be done online; this may include our online banking, purchasing a holiday or insurance premium, or even doing the weekly grocery shop. It is therefore more and more important that each and every business in existence has a great looking website […]

Hosting Company Teams Up With WebMaxDB

Your hosting company is just as important as what your hosting! has decided to team up with WebMaxDB so that we can be more of a one stop shop.  Now you can purchase your web applications / web sites as well as hosting all from one spot.  This is good for many reasons: If […]

WebMaxDB Still Under Construction

WebMaxDB Working Hard While we have been working very hard at webmaxdb to get our new website up we are currently still under construction.  Many people may not realize, anybody can just make a nice looking site and put it up on the web but we are trying to create more than just a website.  […]

Microsoft Gives Government 0-Day Information Before Patch

In mid June Bloomberg posted quite a bombshell when they admitted that Microsoft will now be handing over information on 0-day as well as regular exploits to the Government and the NSA before patches are released to the public.  They plan on working with the government to pass information on exploits that have either not […]