Website Design

Website Design by WebMaxDB

The best website design is literally a key to success. It helps you in engaging the visitors at your website and persuades them to buy your products. If your visitors like the appearance of your website, they do share it with others. That’s in fact the beauty of a website design that casts a spell over its users.

The WebMaxDB team develops graphically rich website design. Such designing easily imparts your message to your target audience. Your visitors receive your message right in the way they want to. And that is the first step of creating a list of loyal users.

Let’s have a look at how we work for a website design:

Client Brief: At the very first step, client is asked to write down his/her initial project requirements.

Creative Brief: Then our team creates a creative brief and uses it as a central document for the project.

Ideas Brief: We then produce ideas brief after consulting the matters in detail with client. It clearly describes the project. This is a major development in ideas generation phase.


We then develop Page Impressions – a request to load a single page of an internet site.

We search about Unique Users – the number of individual users to a site over a defined period, often a month.

Then a diagram is drawn to show the user Flows of users.

Ideas generation:

Mark-making and Sketchbooks

Mood Boards

Mind Maps

Ideas Sessions

Client and all of the WebMAxDB team including content writers, programmers and designers are gathered to discuss and generate the ideas.

Lo Fi:
In Lo Fi phase we work upon sketches and wireframes. The practical work starts here in this phase and guess work is left behind. Solid foundations of the project are laid in this phase.


Once we find something that suits our requirements, than we go for the testing process.

Website Design:

Finally we reach in the real phase of designing home page, landing page and product pages. In this are awe focus at elements like brand, color and typography. By concluding this phase, we get a solid template to build a website. That is how we work with our clients, keeping each and everything under check. The result is always best as we create a genuine brand new template for your website.