Virus & Malware Removal

Virus & Malware Removal for Websites

Virus and malware removal is one of WebMaxDB’s specialties. This is what we mainly take care of for our oDesk clientele and you can view our feedback by clicking here, and see that when it comes to malware removal we are the best. Malware removal can range from server virus infections to xss exploits, sql injection attacks as well as iframe injections which will not only harm your users but can also destroy your search engine rankings.

Virus & Malware Removal for Computers & Laptops

“Malware” is short form of “malicious software”. This is a simple term used for the softwares that are deisgned to disrupt the operations, gather information without permission, gaining unauthorized access to system sources etc. Malware include viruses, spywares and other types of harmful software.

“Virus” is a computer program that can replicate itself and spread from one computer to another computer.

How we remove the Virus and Malware:

We follow simple steps for the removal of virus and malware. When our clients contact us:

We immediately raise questions about youer PC’s unusual behavior and infection symptoms via online chat.
Then we connect securely with your computer over the internet and start locating the problem.
After reaching the roots of viruses we run a diagnostic analysis for the causes of malware infections. In the end we troubleshoot your PC.
As the diagnostic results appear, we immediately identify and completely remove all the spywares and viruses.
Then we try to update to the latest Windows security patches.
Our virus and malware removal experts then install trusted security software in your PC and update it to the latest definitions.
We further initiate a complete scan and remove permanently all the detected threats on your laptop/PC.
Our experts offer proactive recommendations to save your system against future infections.
Fine-tune or remove clutter programs if necessary, clean and repair registry, and clean up junks.
In the end our professional virus and malware experts educate you about the safe and protective usage of PC/Laptop keeping yourself away from the viruses.