Security Audit

Security Audit Your Business

How safe is your business from hackers. Testing for flaws in your network, wireless and wired as well as your employees and computers, we conduct a full security audit on your business and let you know how secure you really are.

Security audit is a methodical assessment of how the company’s information security is employed throughout the company. Information security audit is performed through understanding the information technology environment by conducting interviews, vulnerability scans, examination of system settings, network and communication analyses. The objective is to determine the information systems and information technology control weaknesses, i.e. security level of the Servers, Softwares, Business Applications, OS & Databases, and Network & Communications; identify the weaknesses if any; and make recommendations for improvements. WebMaxDB’s Information Security Audit’s main focus is at:

List vulnerabilities and associated risks
Identify high risk areas requiring immediate attention
Recommend remedial, countermeasures and improvements, including security best practices and infrastructure re-design
Identify requirements for improving security policies and processes
Identify personnel responsible for systems and process management

Now let’s have a look at the process that how we work:

Scoping: First of all we Identify scope of the Audit as well as project planning, scheduling and resourcing.

Information Gathering: Then we Understand Organization’s current policies, processes and any industry’s best practices or standards it complies to. It is also mandatory to understand the organization’s current infrastructure and technical configurations. This activity helps in identifying personnel responsible for systems and process management.

Audit: Prepare an Audit checklist based on information gathering and review existing processes against that checklist. Also review OS, systems and application configurations against that checklist. Understand the vulnerabilities found and risks associated with them. Collect evidences to include in documentation. Also carry out auditing of computing environment with personnel interviews, discussions and application walk through.

Documentation: Prepare documentation on audit carried out and include evidences. Documentations should also include list of vulnerabilities and gaps found and their impact as well as recommend a comprehensive remedial plan to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Remedial actions:

We assist you in corrective actions on the gap closure and also recommend preventive actions to prevent further gaps from appearing.


We provide you with certain solutions so that you can enhance the level of security for your business information. We find best possible ways to track the misleading things into this audit. Our experts are her to serve you.

A Security Audit report

In the end we generate a security audit report. In which recommendations for gap closure and improvement of organization wide policies are provided.